Aki Onda
PAST Leif Elggren
Wilhelm Hein
Bettina Köster

Ceintuurbaan 254
1072GH Amsterdam

24 – 28 March 2012
  2pm till 8pm
Press release

Wilhelm Hein
You Killed the Underground Film or The Real Meaning of Kunst bleibt ... bleibt ...

➀ Additionally a re-print of X-Screen (Phaidon, 1971) and an exhibition booklet will be published
containing new texts by Peter Weibel and Malcom Le Grice.

On Tuesday, 20 March, Wilhelm Hein will screen a 16mm print of Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures at Filmhuis Cavia.

When I started to make film in the 1960’s I knew of very few points of reference for work like mine. I had heard a little about the American ‘Underground’ before seeing any of the films, then through the London Filmmakers Co-operative, I started to see experimental film and discuss this with fellow film-makers, particularly Peter Gidal. At the beginning I knew nothing of any European ‘Underground’ films but then learned of Kurt Kren in Vienna and Birgit and Wilhelm Hein in Köln. When I saw their Roh Film and related this to ... (Malcolm Le Grice) continue reading

Wilhelm Hein was one of the key figures that created the grounds and concepts of avant-garde film in the 1960s. Artists of the film avant-garde in the 1920s pursued the question of the independence of colour and shape, applying an analysis of painting and static image, to the moving image. In this sense, their endeavors were as if kinetic ... (Peter Weibel) continue reading

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Photo: Annette Frick

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